Whitefly pest problems


They Breed Quickly
– use sticky traps as an early warning and to slow their progress ($3 each or 4 for $10)yellow sticky traps
– If left alone they will lay lots of eggs today and they will hatch over the next few days
– They suck the sap out of the plant reducing the plants energy and also leave a sticky urine behind that causes damage to the plant

Spray with an Aerosol into the air.
– In the past we would spray a toxic chemical onto a plant so the insects would land on the leaves and die.
– Never use a household fly spray on plants – they can get very sick. Use plant based sprays.
– What we try to do now is spray something safe for plants – but still avoid excess on the plant itself. You should be spraying the insects mainly.
– Spraying pesticides onto the plant can result in damage so don’t be very concerned but avoid spraying it all over the plant
– Bug kill is an excellent product – it’s very safe for the plant also – costs $8 a can

bug kill

Shake the plant so the White fly are up and active
– They beat the air with their wings, and the tiny droplets of the aerosol that float in the air will be attracted to the static electricity of the insect flying.
– You won’t have to use too much to get a big knockdown.
– The plants will only have a minimal amount of overspray – and that’s ok.
Spray often – once or twice a day
– Spraying once will kill only today’s adults.
– As the eggs hatch you need to kill them before they lay more eggs.
– Within a couple of days you should see a good reduction.
– Keep an eye out for slow hatching eggs.

Whitefly leave a residue.
– This is their urine. it’s sticky and can cause issues like mould or clog up leaves.
– Some growers will use a drop of dishwashing detergent and some water and spray it onto the plants to unclog the plant.
– If you do spray a plant with detergent like this, do so before end of the daylight/ light cycle. This will allow the fluid to evaporate overnight.
– Dishwashing detergent is ok for plants in small amounts – avoid too much or you will get lots of foam. It’s mostly phosphorus and non-toxic to humans as well. Perfumes in the detergent may have an oil base but you’d need to use half a bottle for it to be an issue