Outdoor growing

Loving Wall gardens

Love the space saving, high performance Hydroponic wall gardens. Using our nutrients make them 100% natural blend of 90+ organics and minerals. Turning ordinary food into superfood!...

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Air pruning pots – anti spiral pots – like rocket pots

AIR PRUNING POTS (Anti-spiral pots) Sizes in stock and pricing as at 22/1/16 – contact us for other sizes. 7.5L $6 20L $11 50L $20 • Strong • reusable • High quality plastic • Better than Rocket pots as they can touch the saucers at their base and draw up extra water when required...

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Correct pH for Hydroponics

Hello I was wondering what the correct pH would be for Vegetative and Flowering Tomatoes. Thanks. Hi there Good Question.  In soil, the minerals are less available, and depending on soil types and the type of fertiliser, all plants can have a variety of pH’s that plants will do well, or do very badly, at....

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