Carbon Dioxide (CO2)

Superpro CO2 Carbon Dioxide systems from Hydrocentre

We now stock Superpro CO2 controllers using Infrared CO2 level control. Video on unit below. Superpro CO2 controller ($1400 alone)     Plus regulator flowmeter solenoid and CO2 feeding tube for Gas cylinder($1200)   Complete CO2 kit $2600     CO2 levels are around 350-400ppm in the environment. At approximately 1500ppm plants growth and flowering...

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Grow Tent packages available

We have a range of tents lights and systems available. Tents from $125* lights from 120,180 and 200* and great quality german fans and European filters from $250* Premium 250W kit – 250W light with small tent and 2 fans from $400* – for pricing click here 250W grow tent package Budget single light kit from $660*...

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Co2 Generator and pythoff

Hi Scott 2 things 1st I’m after a co2 generator but I want a water cooled one, can u get these or do u know anywhere I can get one.They are available in the us but the gas fittings and power input wont suit Aus and if I make changes to the unit they have...

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