Here at Hydrocentre we still believe the BEST WAY TO ORDER is to call us on 07 5527 4155 to make sure you are getting the RIGHT PRODUCTS and using them THE RIGHT WAY. Its old fashioned but it works ! You’ll get the RIGHT PRICE and save with the RIGHT CHOICES, or IMPROVE YOUR RESULTS which is just like saving money (or making more!) You can also use the ONLINE STORE for ordering or researching our products.


Our Product Guide and Catalogue is available for in store and phone orders

Here are our  growing guides for you to learn more about Hydroponics and the products that are available.

1. OUTDOOR GROWERS  select  Hydroponic Growing guide/catalogue for Outdoor growers

2. INDOOR GROWERS  select  http://hydrocentre.com.au/pdf/indoor_growing_guide.pdf and then the Hydroponic Growing guide/catalogue

You can also visit our information pages on the left for product updates

  • If you wish to purchase direct from our store simply call us on (07) 5527 4155 and we will be happy to sort out any mail orders with you over the phone.
  • Alternatively you can email us at info@hydrocentre.com.au to place your order. Please call the store if you wish to pay by credit card.
  • All items mentioned on hydrocentre.com.au can be purchased securely from our online store at expressmailorders.com.au
  • Prices on our online store are usually cheaper to offset the freight costs. Those prices are not available in the retail store as retail store costs are greater than our online store.

 You can use our online store

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Our online store

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The online store is always a work in progress so ask if you need more information or any help.

 Mail order Information

 To place an Order

  • Call us on (07) 5527-4155 (International code +617-5527-4155),
  • email us,
  • SMS us on 0402 864986,
  • write to us at 4/50 Spencer Road Nerang QLD 4211 Australia,

whichever you prefer. We will be most happy to process your order. Once a price has been worked out and your items are checked to be in stock we will let you know we are ready for payment, and process that (payment options are below)

Packing of Goods:

We send all our goods addressed from R Andrew 4/50 Spencer Road Nerang QLD 4211and use plain cardboard, bubble wrap and black plastic wrap to ensure the contents are not pilfered or dropkicked by freight or postal workers. Personal items seem to be given more care


(East Coast – Cairns to Melbourne) Australia Post charge anywhere between $10 and $20 a parcel. If it cannot be posted, well freight charges apply.

Other Areas please ask for a quick quote or look at www.austpost.com.au and use their postage calculator to do a quick estimate.

Where to?

We will send items that have been paid for care of your local post office, to your address, or care of a freight depot if paying for freight.


We would appreciate it if you could contact us when you receive the goods, so we can get rid of our paperwork. We keep a record until then so you can let us know if anything is not perfect. It’s all quite simple. Once its finalised there is no need to keep a record.

REMEMBER: Contact us to confirm amount before payment

Direct Deposits (Confirm amount first)

We have an account with the National Australia Bank. You can deposit from an Internet banking package, orNational Australia Bank Outlet and Australia Post Outlets*. (*Australia Post may charge up to $1 to make a deposit.)

The Account Details

  • Name of Account: ‘R Andrew’ (Rachel owns the business)
  • Bank number (BSB) 084 852
  • Account number 799 641 000

CALL US when you have done this!!

Please call us and tell us that a deposit has been made so we can check our account.

If you do not do this we may not identify a payment for days.

Alternatively, send us an email, or SMS to Scott on 0402 86 4986 to tell us payment is made

Depositor Name and Address.

 You may be required to give a reference for large deposits. We suggest that you don’t have to choose to put your name for privacy sake, and any reference you wish to give will be fine. If you wish we can provide you with a reference number.

VISA, MasterCard and Bankcard Payments

Do not send credit card details by email – phone/SMS them through or go to paypal.com.au and send a credit card payment to paypal@hydrocentre.com.au which is secure

Please use the phone number 07 5527 4155, or use SMS to Scott on 0402 864 986

We need the number, expiry date, name on card, and the ccv (last 3 or 4 digits printed on the back after the credit card details)

Sending Postal Orders (confirm amount first)

Please make them payable to ‘R Andrew’ or ‘Nerang Hydroponic Centre’ (whichever you prefer)

  • Send to R Andrew or Nerang Hydroponic Centre
  • At 4/50 Spencer Road Nerang Qld 4211

COD – Cash on Delivery

We will send out items via Australia Post’s COD system, but you will not get free postage, and they charge about $20 on top of the goods per parcel. (A Charge plus postage) Better to pay for it at NAB bank outlets first and save.

Any Further Questions contact our staff at anytime

Happy Gardening!