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Here are our  growing guides for you to learn more about Hydroponics and the products that are available. They are designed to help teach you more about what you will need. If you are ready to purchase an item you can call us and we can ensure you have the right design and equipment in mind, or email us or use our online store at designed for fast service and descreet delivery.

Price – prices in guides may vary from time to time due to conditions outside our control.

For todays price please call us on 07 5527 4155 or  search for a product at our online store if you need to confirm a price.  Both store and online pricing is listed there


For those who are planning to grow outdoors we have two links – our Growing guide which covers Hydroponics, nutrients and ph and systems as well as the solo and Network system brochure which are our two best selling outdoor systems. (Indoor growers should see below)


Hydroponics Guide


Solo kits

Solo kits


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We have working displays INSIDE and OUTSIDE our store (Small)INDOOR (GROW LIGHTS) GROWING

For our customers who are planning to grow inside we suggest reading our indoor grow guide for information on lights and fans and environmental equipment like carbon filters and thermostats and lots more. Then, when you have the growing environment sorted, the growing guide will explain the growing side of things. You must master the environment before doing any growing indoors.

CLICK HERE indoor growing guide with New Packages


Hydroponics Guide



600w grow tent packages

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Outdoor growers can watch the video on 3 popular outdoor systems