Root rot and pythium infections

NFT, Timing, Oxygen, 12V and NFT problems

Hi, please advise me about your NFT channels . I want to grow larger plants so the widest channel would be my choice but I am not sure of the spacing. I would order an extra top to modify the spacing myself. The watering times you give are odd as all I have read says...

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Co2 Generator and pythoff

Hi Scott 2 things 1st I’m after a co2 generator but I want a water cooled one, can u get these or do u know anywhere I can get one.They are available in the us but the gas fittings and power input wont suit Aus and if I make changes to the unit they have...

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Difference between Hydroshield and Hydrogen Peroxide

What is the difference between hydroshield and oxy-plus? Hi Good question. Hydroshield is 6% H2O2 with silver ions. When it comes into contact with a single celled organism, bacteria, virus, algae and so on, it breaks up and the silver and the free oxygen (O-) attacks it. The National Medical Research Council says that both...

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