Indoor Growing

Correct pH for Hydroponics

Hello I was wondering what the correct pH would be for Vegetative and Flowering Tomatoes. Thanks. Hi there Good Question.  In soil, the minerals are less available, and depending on soil types and the type of fertiliser, all plants can have a variety of pH’s that plants will do well, or do very badly, at....

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130W COMPACT FLUROSHi there Scott just a quick question about the compact fluorescent 130 watt kits.  If you use the three light spectrums can you successfully get a plant to flower as well as with the HPS systems also what area does one lamp and shade do i.e. is it equivalent to a 600 watt...

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Intake fan question

I am constructing a grow chamber of 1x1x2.4m containing 1x600W HPS, 250/1000 centrifugal/carbon filter, panda etc… I need to get a intake fan that will be appropriate for the rest of the set up – it will be mounted in an external wall with a screen to stop bugs and ducted a very short distance...

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