Wall Gardens

LED products and updates

New LED grow bars under development August 2016 Hydrocentre has been developing grow bars in conjunction with some of the most advanced LED manufacturers in the world. While we currently believe that LED’s are often much too expensive compared with traditional lighting, there are some uses for LED’s where perhaps lower ventilation than usual is...

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Loving Wall gardens

Love the space saving, high performance Hydroponic wall gardens. Using our nutrients make them 100% natural blend of 90+ organics and minerals. Turning ordinary food into superfood!...

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Wall Garden Systems from $20 by wallgarden and hydrocentre

We have been using wallgarden grow boxes for Hydroponics and Aquaponics now for a while.   We can use clay balls as shown here – or Perlite or Coconut Coir or even a good organic soil. The individual trays are $20 each or $170 for a box of 10.   The aluminium frame can be...

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