Hydroponic systems

Hydroponic Systems are designed to bring more air and more moisture in the form of a nutrient/oxygen ratio. This enhances health, nutrient uptake, and growth rates. For more HYDROPONIC SYSTEMS information and pricing, go to our CATALOGUE at http://hydrocentre.com.au/growing-info/ or click on the GROWING INFO on the bar above

Hydroponic Basics – a quick explaination

BASICS page 1 Hydroponics is a simple method of providing the minerals found in soil in a mineral solution. See also our catalogue and information pack download page There are two main methods used for hydroponics. 1. Passive. No Electricity. In this method we usually hand water pots or boxes just like soil gardening, but...

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Difference between Hydroshield and Hydrogen Peroxide

What is the difference between hydroshield and oxy-plus? Hi Good question. Hydroshield is 6% H2O2 with silver ions. When it comes into contact with a single celled organism, bacteria, virus, algae and so on, it breaks up and the silver and the free oxygen (O-) attacks it. The National Medical Research Council says that both...

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Vertical Rockwool Gardens

Hi I’m currently looking at creating a vertical herb garden, something I had seen recently on the “Gardening Guru’s” program. I’m now enquiring to where I can purchase sheets of “Rockwool”.  Do you sell Rockwool in sheets and if so what would I be looking at price wise. I would be wanting to construct these...

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Correct pH for Hydroponics

Hello I was wondering what the correct pH would be for Vegetative and Flowering Tomatoes. Thanks. Hi there Good Question.  In soil, the minerals are less available, and depending on soil types and the type of fertiliser, all plants can have a variety of pH’s that plants will do well, or do very badly, at....

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