Hydrocentre Hydroponics Gold Coast Superstore serving all Gold Coast Brisbane Queensland and Australia
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Welcome to Hydrocentre Hydroponics

Hydrocentre Hydroponics is a friendly and professional Hydroponic Supplier with over 20 years experience with an emphasis on HELPING people grow better, easier and increase their knowledge about Hydroponic, Aquaponic and organic Hydroponic techniques.

We stock a large range of INDOOR and OUTDOOR Hydroponic products including:-

NUTRIENTS like Canna, Grow Research, Nulife Technologies, Dutch Master, Nutrifield

HYDROPONIC SYSTEMS such as Drip feed (clay and other mediums), NFT channels, gravity fed autopot systems (network), hand watered and passive (Perlite, Terra, Coco) Deep water culture, green walls, Grodan rockwool, aeroponic systems and anything else we can design.

INDOOR GROW LIGHTING equipment such as Lumatec, JB Lighting, GE Lucagrow, Philips Son T Agro, Gavita, and Eye Hortilux lamps and LED lighting

INDOOR GROW TENTS by Seahawk, Homebox and Grolab

OUTDOOR EQUIPMENT such as NFT channel systems, set and forget gravity systems, and greenhouse frames…

Our aim is to TEACH you all you need to know about Hydroponics. We would like to start you off with our catalogue and growing guide (pdf download) which answers a lot of questions, and creates a lot of new ones. If you can’t FIND the answer here on our site by using the SEARCH BOX above or the information categories on the left, send us the question and we will answer you by email or by adding it to the site.

We have had a RETAIL SHOP and been ACTIVE in MAIL ORDER since 1991, and know how to get things in plain boxes all over Australia. Read about our privacy at ordering above. If you order ONLINE you will get a special price. If you need advice, and VIP service, CALL our staff or VISIT our store and you will get our SPECIALIST HELP in your growing and in your ORDERING.

Note: Our in-store and phone staff provide a premium service with great advice and standard pricing, and our online store is mostly cheaper and is run by staff that only need to be skilled in packing and sending your goods. That is why there is a difference in price.

If we wanted to be the CHEAPEST we would stock and sell you ANY CRAPPY PRODUCT like everyone else seems to do. You will end up either REGRETTING it, getting LESS YIELD in your garden, or REPLACING the product anyway – so we try to save you money or make money for you by providing VALUE instead.

I know VALUE is an overused word just like SERVICE. Our goal is to SUPPLY YOU with BETTER PRODUCTS to suit you and your budget, SAVE YOU MONEY by buying the RIGHT PRODUCT and none of the wrong ones, MAKE YOU SO HAPPY that you come back again and again, and RECOMMEND US to your fellow growers…

If ever our prices disappoint you, please let us know.  THERE MAY BE A GOOD REASON and if not, we DON’T LIKE being beaten on price.

Enjoy our site. Hope you can come and visit our store and our displays.

Scott Andrew – Founder.